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Locally in our home state of Utah we provide healthcare, household and educational needs to families and individuals in need


Refugees in Utah

Refugee families are often working multiple jobs to make ends meet. They often don't understand how to navigate the American healthcare system. Due to poor wages and lack of understanding many refugee families go without medical care. Education for Generations supports these refugee families by helping them navigate the healthcare system and paying for the costs they cannot afford.  Helping with the costs of healthcare needs encourages refugee families to seek care that they may not otherwise, due to not being able to afford out of pocket health services. Due to lack of healthcare in the refugee camps many of their medical conditions can be severe due to chronic neglect. Besides extreme discomfort and suffering many medical, dental and vision conditions can cause refugees to miss work and have difficulty in their jobs and school. 

How we Help


Education for Generations will help pay the costs of needed household items for families in need or will often receive donations of new items to provide for families  to help reduce the cost of items needed to run a household. 


Many families have children who are working really hard at school to be able to learn and gain access to new opportunities.  Educations for Generations will help provide families with items to help them be successful at school as well as pay the fees that often come with extracurricular activities for students from preschool to college. 

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