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Welcome to Daisy Centre and School

Bukura, Kenya

Daisy School was started, with the help of donors, by Carolyne Daisy in 2013. The initial 65 students were orphans or from families too poor to afford food, let alone school fees.


This K-8 school has grown to over 500 students who receive a free meal each day in addition to a quality education. Daisy School’s academic performance has drawn the attention of many, including other school officials and the Kenyan Ministry of Education.


In spite of their poverty, Carolyne’s students have scored the highest of 84 schools in the region for several years!

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The Woman
Who Started it All

Carolyne Daisy

Carolyne Daisy grew up an orphan in the rural town of Bukura, Kenya. Abandoned by her parents as a toddler, she slept in a potato sack on the dirt floor of her grandmother’s grass-roof hut. She and the other children, Granny cared for, ate only a small bowl of porridge, if any, each day.

Granny was a woman of faith and positive attitude. On the days she had only boiled water to comfort their empty stomachs, she prayed over it, cheerfully telling the children, “God will bless us with food tomorrow.”

Carolyne began her education by sneaking into school as often as she dared. If caught, she was whipped and sent home because she could not pay school fees. Later, as a young teen she was able to receive an education through the help of her uncle.
Today, Carolyne, with the same faith and positive attitude as her grandmother, runs Daisy School near her childhood home of Bukura, Kenya. Most of the students come from situations similar to her own.

Our Goal

Our goal at the Daisy Centre and School is to help Carolyne and her staff continue to inspire, educate and feed vulnerable students while she implements additional business plans to bring Daisy School to self-sufficiency. With your help we can accomplish these goals!

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of holistic education to kids in a manner that will enable them grow into respected and responsible adults who are adequately empowered to live better lives and actively take part in nation building.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the lives of children in Kenya and raise a generation of self-reliant individuals with high moral standards, exceptional intelligence and unquestionable integrity.

Daisy School Logo.JPG
Daisy School Logo.JPG
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