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Lifting Lives supports the children of Kenya with a focus on orphan children living at the Gardner Granny Home.


The Gardner Granny Home

The Gardner Granny Home is a beautiful, 2,700 square foot structure that serves as a permanent home for 33 children. It is located within the secure grounds of the Daisy School campus. The Gardner Granny Home serves as an orphan family home making it different than other orphanages since the children are cared for like family members by a house matron. 


Our orphan home is named the Gardner Granny home. The “Granny” portion of the name is in honor of Lydia Nyangweso, affectionately known to all who knew her as “Granny”. Granny cared for abandoned and orphaned children for over 40 years, up until her passing in 2008. From a fairly young age, Lydia was a widow. She raised Carolyne, the founder, and director of Daisy Centre, and School, on and off from age one. At that time Granny provided for 10 children besides Carolyne. 

Over all the years, Granny extended love and care for the many children as though they were her own. Carolyne attributes her greatest strengths to the inspiration and love that Granny provided. Granny toiled every day of her life to seeking work that would pay enough for her to provide meals for the children she was caring for.​​

Some of the children living in the Gardner Granny home are those same are some of those Granny was caring for at the time of her passing. These children continue to feel great affection for her and still miss her terribly.

Carolyne inspires many with the stories of Granny’s love. Granny’s deep spirituality had a tremendous influence on Carolyne as well as the group of orphans occupying the Gardner Granny Home.

Education for Generations

The generous support of donors like you allow the Foundation for Education for Generations to assist Daisy School and the students by providing daily meals, sponsorship programs for students of need, building maintenance and expansion.


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